Waiting on the baby boy

April 28, 2011 at 15:36 (Family)

So my wife is one week past due.  Michael Justus should show up any minute and waiting this last week has been tough.  It seems that this has been the longest week ever.  Brooke is uncomfortable and when I hear her moving around at night I wake up and listen thinking she may be starting to have contractions so I have not been sleeping well.  It seems that God designed it this way so we get used to waking up every so often so that when the kiddo arrives we aren’t totally zombified from lack of sleep.

Our bags are packed and ready to go.  The car seat is installed.  The nursery is all painted.  All we need to do is install the baby and it is complete.

So as to the name:  the meaning of the Michael is a rhetorical question – “Who is like the Lord?” and the obvious answer is no one.  Justus is a Roman name meaning justice.  I wanted a Roman name which I thought would be cool.  I was shooting for Maximus Justus but Brooke wouldn’t hear of it.

So here we are.  Ready to raise up this kiddo to be a mighty man of God.  Hurry up kiddo.


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Somthing is missing

August 17, 2008 at 21:51 (Discipleship)

School.  Basketball.  Work.  Life.

At some point in all of these things I have felt discontent.  Usually expressed with a “this sucks” but there was always something deeper to it.  Now, as I think about it, I see that I was not getting the most out of it.  Something was missing.  

I reflect on these past experiences now because I feel the same discontent; I feel unfulfilled.

Perhaps I am a malcontent or perhaps I am an idealist.  There is a vision in my mind of how it should be and the actuality of that vision is lacking.  

Perhaps this is not where we belong and these feelings are little reminders that heaven is our True Home.

So, in the meantime, what then?

I want God to use me is great ways.  I want to do so much but it doesn’t happen.  Perhaps when God is using me, in whatever way He so chooses, it is a great way because it is from Greatness.  So then my prayer has been: God, use me.  Whether menial or magnificent, use me to glorify You.

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Working Out Sucks!

July 31, 2008 at 00:15 (WTF)

Especially when you haven’t really lifted weights in 7 years.  Crap! College was a long time ago (relatively) and my tail is draggin’. 

I have always been more or less skinny and never fat so I could be lazy when it cames to post basketball life and not have to worry about looking like I wasn’t in shape.  Needless to say I’ve been coasting for a while now and it has never really bothered me.  Until my wife has to point out my potential and the staggering gap between that and where I am. (Ouch, Honey.  Seriously) 

The health risks of a sedentary lifestyle don’t matter to us until that heart attack kicks you in the teeth.  Wanting to avoid that whole scenarioand knowing the health benefits I have still been loath to discipline myself to work out.  Then Brooke had to go diggin’ through my college pictures and pulls out a game pic from maybe my Junior year.  (Thanks, Brooke.  I mean it)  Man I had some guns.  That pushed me a little but I have never been so vain as to care about how big my arms were, admiring them in the mirror, thinking about the hot chicks they’d attract (and now that I’ve got one who cares about physique, right?)

So why am I working out?  I am great at setting down priorities and goals and sadly it ends there.  I talk ’em up and get excited about it but walking my talk was always something I fell way short of. 

So Brooke was so gracious that she pointed out how my integrity suffered and I was unstrustworthy-not following through with what I know I should do and have said I will do.  So WTF gets thrown down and I go do it.  Second week, 4th workout.  Here I am still breathing hard.

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Why Blog?

July 29, 2008 at 16:22 (Ordinary)

What is my reason for blogging?

A) I want to improve my typing speed

B) I sometimes think people might care

C) Work has been slow and I need something to help pass the time

E) I need to practice my writing.  One of these days I want to write a book

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